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Connect with Deaf customers and employees.

Video Relay Service (VRS)

Receive calls from Deaf customers.

The UK has 150,000 British Sign Language (BSL) users, many are current or potential customers of yours. Enabling Deaf people to contact you via an interpreter makes your organisation more accessible and opens you up to an underserved segment of the population.

Setup is simple, just tell us which number you’d like customers to be able to call. When they ring via our Community Directory they’ll be connected to an interpreter who will relay the call to you. No extra steps necessary.

Video Relay Interpreting (VRI)

Communicate with Deaf people in person.

Need easy access to an Interpreter onsite? 

With SignLive just tap a button and one will appear on screen. Our interpreters are available on demand 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

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