Most frequent questions and answers

SignLive is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All our interpreters are highly qualified, have at least five years’ interpreting experience, are NRCPD or RBSLI-registered and DBS/PVG/AccessNI licenced.

If you experience any problems with SignLive, please contact us at: techsupport@signlive.co.uk

SignLive offers a range of monthly bundles to meet your needs. For AtW and Direct Payments options, contact SignLive Customer Support.

Organisations should contact access@signlive.co.uk for the latest pricing information.

AtW/Direct Payments Customers: If you go over, and use more minutes than your allowance, we will take the extra minutes used off your next month’s allowance. We will never charge you any additional cost per minute. If you’d like to discuss, contact SignLive Customer Support.

Organisations: If you go over your allotted minutes, you don’t have to do anything. Additional minutes will be charged at your pre-agreed ‘pay as you go’ rate. If you are finding that you are regularly going over your contracted minutes, you can change your package with 30 days notice by contacting us at access@signlive.co.uk

Yes, you can. Click the ‘Get an Interpreter’ button and ask the interpreter to help translate the document. They will give you an email address and you email the document to that address. They will then translate it for you.